Call for Paper IV

“European Congress on Economic Issues- is scheduled to be held from15-17 November 2018in İzmit/Kocaeli which is closely located to Istanbul in Turkey.

Economies being of various development levels have different economic problems or difficulties. Following the global economic crisis in 2008, almost all of the economies around the World have been facing with particular structural economic issues. Developed countries, emerging economies and peripheral economies have been affected from each other since firm economic ties among the countries is adding another dimension to global economic structure.

Therefore, this year conference will focus on the question of “The general economic issues of countries having different economic development levels from different economic perspectives”. This conference will bring together from different areas with the participation of academics, professionals, specialists, practitioners from the field and NGOs as well as bureaucrats dealing with these issues. The participants who will take part in our international conference will improve their scientific and vocational studies by sharing their knowledge and experience in various fields of economics and related disciplines.

Submissions are accepted in English and Turkish.

Virtual conference presantations are also very welcomed.


Abstract Submission Deadline: 14 October 2018
Notification of Accepted Papers: 21 October 2018
Registration: 21 October 2018
Conference Dates: 15-17 November 2018


  • General economic issues of peripheral economies
  • General economic issues of emerging economies
  • General economic issues of developed economies
  • Economics history and economic thought

Papers and panel proposals on the wide range of economic issues are also very welcomed on general economic issues as follows:

Behavioral Economics, Business Fluctuations, Child Employment, Contemporary Issue in Economics, Corporate Finance and Governance, Corporate Governance, Corruption, Development Planning and Policy, Disadvantaged Groups (women, handicapped people), Econometrics, Economic Development, Economic Development and Policy, Economic Growth and Development, Economic Methodology, Economic Policy, Economic Systems, Emerging Economies, Financial Economics, Financial Instruments, Foreign Direct Investment, Foreign Exchange, General Economics, Global Economic Crisis, Globalization and Economic Growth, Growth; Aggregate Productivity, Household Behavior and Family Economics, Inclusive Growth and Microfinance, Income Inequality, Increasing Trade in Challenging Times, Industrial Development, Inflation, Informal Employment, Interest Rates, Interests, Credit System, International Development, International Economics, International Finance, International Trade, International Trade Policy and WTO, Islam Economics, Knowledge Economy, Labor Economics, Labor Relations & Human Resource Management Law and Economics, Labour Market, Macroeconomics, Microeconomic Issues, Migration, Migrant Labour, Mode of Production, Monetary and Fiscal Policies, Monetary Economics, National Economy, Consumer Behavior, Poverty and Human Development, Prices, Privatization, Public Administration and Small Business, Public Choice, Public Economics and Finance, Public Finance, Public Responsibility and Ethics, Public Taxation, Quantitative Economics, Regionalism and Economic Cooperation, Regulatory Economics, Shadow Economy, Social and Economic Infrastructure, Social Security, Sustainable Development, Taxation, Trade Blocks, Information Economic Welfare Economics.

Papers proposals on the wide range of economic and political sciences which are classified as JEL Codes are also very welcomed.

All submissions are accepted in Turkish and English. For paper proposals, submissions will be made via


Abstract books will be available during the conference. As well as this, full-texts of the presented papers will be published in the Proceedings as e-books. Selected papers will be published as an edited book(s) or journals, details will be announced later.

For more publication options:


The event is sponsored by the Kartepe Municipality, Dilovasi IMES OSB, WSB University, Kocaeli University and Azerbaijan University.


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Selçuk KOÇ

Tel: +90 262 303 156

*For more details, visit the conference web-page

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